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Pica~Picks: Bomber Jackets

Published: Fri May 09 2014

Summer means warm sunshine, right? Unfortunately that’s not always the case. Yes, you’ll still spend the odd day sat in the park with a disposable BBQ. Yes, you’ll still spend evenings in the beer garden finding dead wasps in your pint glass. However that won’t be every day and the sad truth is you’ll still need a jacket.

It can be too warm for your winter parka, but too cold to go without a coat of somesort. So what could be better than a classic bomber jacket? We don’t like phrases like ‘essential piece’ or ‘must have’ but if you don’t own a bomber jacket, well you should. They’re generally lightweight and go with all sorts of leg coverings, plus they can easily be thrown in a bag.

What we’ve done here is pick a few different bomber jackets and taken some nice pictures. We hope it serves you well in some way towards the quest for summer outerwear.

First up is the Teddy Kenickie Jacket which is a proper slick bomber jacket from A.P.C. which you might also describe as a ‘Varsity’ jacket. It’s a bit less brash than most varsity jackets, and thanks to the dark navy colour, you can wear it with whatever you damn well please. The name also seems to be a cross between Teddy Sheringham and Danny Zuko’s right hand man. Here it is with a Gitman Vintage Shirt and Levi’s Vintage Bedford Pants.

The Our Legacy Bomber Jacket is another super slick piece of bomber action from Our Legacy. With that shoulder pocket and ribbed collar, it’s got a slight look of an MA-1 flight jacket about it, and thanks to it’s sleeker shape, you won’t end up looking like a bouncer if you wear it out on the town. Paired with a Jungmaven baseball tee and Han Kjøbenhavn shorts, you can see its serious summer attire.

The Lacoste L!VE Bomber has a sweeping round collar, a ribbed hem and it fits fairly short on the body. So yep, it’s a bomber jacket. But there’s more to it than that. It’s also got a crocodile sewn on the chest and some satisfyingly loud press studs. Matt is feeling pretty blue here and is wearing the Folk Boiled Wool Stripe Jumper, and Sweatpants from Han Kjøbenhavn.

The Maharishi Short Flight Jacket may be called the Short Flight Jacket, but it’s actually a touch longer in the body than most. This makes it pretty much ideal for those who enjoy wearing their jeans dangerously low. Other good things about the jacket include the slick, cut back design and that nice and crinkly fabric. The tee is from AXS Folk Technology and the shorts are called the Local Shorts from Battenwear.

The Giorgio A1 Jacket is one of our very own bomber jackets, made for us by some of Italy’s finest leather-sorcerers. It follows the time-honoured shape of the A-1, but we’ve swapped the usual high-fastening collar for a more casual baseball collar. Made from some buttery navy suede, it is matched with the Engineered Garments USN Pants.

This beaut is the 65 / 35 Varsity Jacket. Nanamica bomber jackets are always a firm favourite of ours. The short fit is just how you’d want a classic varsity jacket to be, but the big N aren’t afraid to throw a few modern twists in there. This one swaps the usual wool/leather combo for a mix of cotton and polyester that’s both lightweight and won’t end up waterlogged in a downpour. Here’s Matt wearing an A.P.C. Rugby Sweat and a pair of Y.M.C. Military Beach Shorts.