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Giving even Craig Doyle a run for his money in the holiday department, The Rig Out lads have been gallivanting around once again. So where was it this time? Butlins? Blackpool? Barrow-in-Furness? Nope, they only went to Hawaii for a high-class Our Legacy photoshoot.

Antony Crook took the photos and Glenn Kitson ‘tweeted’ about it. Here’s what Glenn had to say about the trip…

“We shot some of this in an active volcano and walked up to the smoking caldera to the edge of the lava. We weren’t supposed to be there, it was full of signs saying “DO NOT ENTER”. But we’re from Bolton okay?

The guy in the chair is called Charlie. He’s 70. Does Yoga every morning. Built his own house on the side of a mountain. Grows his own coffee and weed, and bakes the best bread ever.

We met some interesting characters, there’s an anti-authority vibe across the entire island and the place has a weird dark undercurrent.”

Photos by Antony Crook.

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