Oi Polloi

Interview — A.X.S Folk Technology

Published: Tue Apr 15 2014

AXS Folk Technology is a new name to the hallowed rails of Oi Polloi. What is it? Who’s behind it? And what do the people behind it like to eat? All these questions and at least five more are answered in this informative interview with main-man Kyle Ng.

Pictures hoiked from Instagram.

Alright, how are you doing today?

I’m great man.

How long has AXS been going? Who’s involved?

We are on our second season, I am the creative director/designer, we have Geoff the brand director and Mami the production manager.

How did you get started making clothes?

I moved to Los Angeles to persue art and film. I met a lot of really amazing artists and designers who mainly worked in the fashion world. I really loved how brands utilize all mediums of art and design to build their personal perspective for their product. I then decided to develop some clothing in LA, and boom – I had a brand!

What does AXS stand for?

AXS is inspired by the word axis — the imaginary straight line that something (such as Earth) turns around. I am all about the balance between the past and the future. That’s why it’s called AXS Folk Technology. The Folk Technology seems like a paradox, but to me you need to remember the old to create the future — thus folk being the traditional, and technology being progression.

Do you ever get mistaken for INXS?

Yes, and I like it.

On your website you mention something called ‘Whole Earth’. What’s this?

The Whole Earth Catalogue was a resource to find anything a counter-culture, psychedelic hippy would want. You can get geodesic dome building manuals, magic mushrooms and even make your own moccasin kits. Basically it was tools, clothing, books and machines that lead you to live a self-sustaining lifestyle. Steve Jobs said it was Google before Google.

Your website also states that you’re influenced a lot by commune life. Are they’re still many communes around in California? Have you spent any time on them?

There are communes still in California. I have not been to a commune for long periods, but yes I have been to them.

There’s a definite spliffed-up hazy hiking feel to your gear. Do you go hiking much?

I love hiking. California is great because you can be hiking in the forest, on the beach and in the desert in the same day.

Where would you recommend for a good wander in California?

I love the Salton Sea. It’s a salt water sea in the middle of the damn desert! The salt levels are so high that most of the wildlife and fish die, so the beach is covered in white fish bones. Super surreal.

You’ve recently melded minds to make a bag with Topo Designs. How did this come about?

Those guys are good friends and I love what they do. They are for sure the only cool thing in Denver Colorado. Just kidding… not. Hahaha.

Designing clothes… wearing clothes… eating clothes… what do you lot get up to when you’re not doing ‘clothes stuff’?

Eating, lazertag, skating, DJing, watching movies, looking at art, climbing.

Alright, I’m running out of real questions now… you seen any good films lately?

I loved Under the Skin and the movie Enemy. Both slow but beautiful movies.

What sort of music are you in to?

Lately I have been listening to Sun Ra, Phil Collins, Scott Walker, Ty Segall, Akron Family, Kelela, Public Image LTD and Beak.

You lot strike me as the sort of people who enjoy a good meal. What’s for dinner?

Thai duck noodle soup brother… or anything with meat. Veggies are for rabbits.

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