Oi Polloi

Worth a Watch: Motion by Warp Records

Published: Fri Mar 07 2014

Remember those old Warp album covers we posted up a few months ago? Well, have you ever wondered what those album covers would look like if they were moving — in motion, if you will. Made alongside the label’s Artificial Intelligence series, Motion is a fifty-minute long tour-de-force of shady computer graphics and early nineties electronic music. Presumably made for late night gurning sessions and deep conversation (what if it turned out that we’re actually all aliens?), it’s a bit of a tough watch, but anything with dodgy 3D robots wandering around the desert to the smooth sounds of a man named Speedy J is definitely worth a quick look.

It’s also worth mentioning that it was made by none other than Anarchic Adjustment head-honcho and Twilight director David Slade. And whilst we’re on the subject, here’s the pullout poster of him doing a particularly aggressive wallride from an old issue of Invert Magazine.