Oi Polloi

Through the Magpie Eye — Pendleton Adverts by Howard Terpning

Published: Thu Nov 14 2013

I’ve always been a fan of Howard Terpning me. My house is full of his old film posters and I’ve always had a soft spot for his landscapes of the American West, so it’s safe to say that when I stumbled across these paintings he did for Pendleton back in the seventies, I was struck down with ‘Terpning Fever’ once again. Just one quick glance at these beauties and you’re instantly swept away to a world of adventure, intrigue and high quality woollen goods, all thanks to the masterful stokes of Howard’s brush.

Alright, I’d never actually heard of him until a few weeks ago, but isn’t it good how the internet means we can all pretend we’re experts? Thanks to Marc Aspinall (a man who’s not too shabby with the ol’ brush himself, as it happens) for the tip off.