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Thanks to an all too typical skyline here in Manchester, even Geoff Boycott has run out of things to say on Test Match Special.

Fear not all, Oi Polloi is rushing to your aural rescue in these tough times.

In anticipation of his appearance at Thursday’s Pica Sounds in our own fair Manchester, Andy Pye purveyor of the esteemed Balearic Social Radio has provided us with Clouds Suite, a fine mix which builds slowly from ambient soundscapes through to psyched out blue eyed soul, otherwise known as ‘The soundtrack to a Spanish leather factory (where Antonio Banderas works)’.

Befitting if you’re currently enjoying the sun rays or just dreaming of them like us. Come Thursday we’re firing up the barbie regardless of the weather in stoic British fashion and giving away a few pairs of the Cottonopolis CVO by Sperry Top-Sider, perfect for the slippery conditions on deck after a few spilt Sangria’s.

For more from Andy head here and here

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