Oi Polloi

Worth a Watch... Amarillo by Morning

Published: Wed Mar 13 2013

Whether you like him or not, you can’t deny that squeaky voiced little man Spike Jonze has plunged his fingers in a lot of media pies. Whether he’s laying down vocals over Rodney Mullen’s progressive pirouettes, slarking a backside-boneless on a dusty flatbank or directing cerebral blockbusters, he’s certainly a busy man. But amongst all the fancy music videos and the like, the best thing he’s ever done is still the short film, Amarillo by Morning.

The story goes that whilst filming a high-profile advert at a rodeo, Spike ended up chumming up with a young bunch of wrangler-clad rodeo-fans and decided to lurk around with them for a while. The resulting film is a treat, and thanks to the powers of the internet is available to watch at your leisure. Part 1 is above, the rest is below.