Oi Polloi

Through the Magpie Eye | Internet K-Hole

Published: Thu Jan 24 2013

Got a few days to kill? Well point that cursor over to the Internet K-Hole. Seldom updated but always worth a gander, this blog is a seemingly bottomless pit of amateur photography gold. Little is known about this mysterious web gem, but it does seem to be affiliated with the San Francisco photo-zine behemoth, Hamburger Eyes. Anyway, let’s not digress, to spare you a bit of time we’ve harvested a few key images which you can view below. And to anyone treading into the K-Hole, be warned — there’s the occasional bit of humorous nudity which might make you look a bit odd if you’re viewing at work. But hang on; if you’re at work shouldn’t you be working anyway?

Enter the Internet K-Hole