Oi Polloi

Nanamica Spring '13

Published: Wed Jan 16 2013

When a new parcel from Nanamica turns up it’s always a pretty special occasion. After the arrival is announced by the regal sound of trumpet fanfare (played by OP boss-men Steve and Nigel no less), we down tools and anxiously gather in the stock room as the boxes are carefully pried open. Then, in a scene not dissimilar to the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, our faces slowly melt away as we feast our eyes on the jackets.

Far-fetched? Possibly, but these jackets are pretty special. Designed in Japan by the same folks behind North Face Purple Label and Filson Red Label, Nanamica take traditional shapes, and drag them kicking and screaming into the future with some not so traditional fabrics. Whilst picking favourites is like saying which of your children you prefer, the Gore-Tex Short Soutien Collar Coat has certainly been turning a few heads in OP HQ. Combining the silhouette of a mac with the advanced rain-defiance of Gore-Tex, it balances on the boundary between smart and techy, whilst still being subtle enough so you don’t look like a cyborg business man from the year 2525.

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