Oi Polloi

Jamaican Dancehall Signs

Published: Tue Nov 13 2012

One for lovers of wonky DIY design and/or dancehall, Jamaican Dancehall Signs is the first book published by NYC yard-food eatery, record shop and radio station, Miss Lily’s. Documenting the vibrant homespun signage acting as promotion for the many dances that take place on the island every week, the book presents choice cuts from the collection of Jamaican film producer Maxine Walters. Walters has been collecting the signs for over a decade and has amassed 1,500+ over the years.

Whilst the collection is first and foremost a visual treasure trove, anyone who enjoys the ever-shifting and colourful word-play of dancehall, and Jamaican patois in general, will find something to smile at here.

Friend of Oi Polloi and Pica~Post contributor Kelly Angood was over in NY recently, so we asked her to get us some snaps of the signs whilst they were on display in-store.

Supposedly the patties were pretty good too (“THE BEST”, in fact).