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Published: Fri Jul 27 2012

Deck-Out is dead… long live Deck-Out & About.

Well, perhaps that’s a bit strong. We just got bored of being in the ‘studio’ all day when it was sunny out. Instead we decided to take a walk round the corner and mither a mate of ours into picking some deck-outs for himself. The mate in question was Matt Ward (alias Deejay Kicking Pigeon), who you may well recognise as “that guy from Piccadilly Records / Wet Play”. If you happen to be unfamiliar, Wet Play is one of Manchester’s best parties, where good friends meet to soak up the fun. If you possess ears, dancing feet and like good vibes, then dude — it’s for you.

The next Wet Play takes place on Saturday 28th July, and they have none other than Tom Noble popping in for a hypno-boogie séance. Buzzin’ tackle.

For the inaugural Deck-Out & About we take a tour of the Kicking Pigeons’ natural habitats: record shop / boozer / sweaty African basement club… all the while wearing dead nice clothes (obviously).

Shameless self promo. The Red Laser BBQ poster’s good though eh? (Full disclosure: it’s one of mine, Eóin OP).

Support your local record shop folks…

Matt described this outfit as “yes, you can wear a rubgy shirt and not look a right donut”. Very true sir. His pick’s were as follows:

New York Hat Co / Five Panel Hat
Polo Ralph Lauren / Rugby Shirt
Levi’s Vintage Clothing / 519 Bedford Cords
Nike / Tennis Classic
Wigwam / Cyprus

OK, we’re off again…

Post-Piccadilly pint in one of Manchester’s original rock ‘n’ roll watering holes… Night & Day.

Good colours.

Not big or clever.


Matt entitled this little ensemble “few pints after work whilst wearing a nice sweatshirt and some ace adidas”. Steezy weezy.

Han Kjøbenhavn / Timeless
Our Legacy / Great Sweat 50’s
Our Legacy / Mid Sleeve Tee
Lee / 101Z
adidas / adiSTAR Racer
Fjällräven / Kånken
Wigwam Socks

The Oi Polloi Wally Walk… The Unicorn Suede Strut… The Mega Cord Mooch… soz that was rubbish.

Here we are outside Q Cavern, Newton Street, the African club / bar / eatery where Wet Play currently set up shop (or rave). Not sure what Matt was on about here… giving it his best club promoter patter perhaps? “Babes, I’ll put your name down… no worries”.

What’s up Matt? Said she’s not coming?

Matt calls this collection of clobber “Classy Q Cavern Corduroy”. His picks were:

Shuron / Ronsir Clip-On
Our Legacy / Single Cardigan
Our Legacy / First Shirt
Universal Works / Aston Pant
Clarks Originals / Oi Polloi Wallabee
Wigwam Socks

_ _ _ _

Wet Play with Tom Noble | Saturday 28.7.12 | Q Cavern