Oi Polloi

Okinawa Soba

Published: Tue Jul 10 2012

With all the Instagram-ing going on these days (@oipolloi_of_cottonopolis if your interested) it’s perhaps easy to forget about Flickr, the internet’s photo sharing Don Dad.

After reacquainting myself during a lazy Sunday trawl, I’ve decided Okinawa Soba’s photostream is my brand new Flickr favourite. Put together by a Philly-born photographer residing in Japan’s southern prefecture and tropical paradise, Okinawa — it’s an absolute treasure trove of old Japanese photography, all lovingly reproduced in ’0s & 1s’ from original prints.

Gesisha, geta, warrior… It’s all there. The dude behind this labour of love is obviously passionate and knowledgeable about his subject, with lots of additional contextual and technical info added.

Rumours that Daiki Suzuki has taken influence from the image below for Engineered Garment AW12 are, as yet, unconfirmed. All images posted here are courtesy of Okinawa Soba.

NB: his profile statement is also worth a read, chapter #7 (YOUR WIFE’S VAGINA, YOUR GIRLFRIEND’S VAGINA) made me chuckle… really, just the fact he has an eight chapter profile statement made me chuckle.