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Mighty-Mac, A.P.C. and the Italian Style Stallions

Published: Thu Apr 19 2012

Another week, another great Japanese brand, this week it’s the turn of Mighty-Mac. Initially hailing from Gloucester, Massachusetts, Mighty-Mac jackets were the original fisherman’s friend until seemingly drifting into the Bermuda Triangle in the late 80’s. But those Japanese won’t let a good thing die, and in a move straight out of a David Copperfield magic show, they have resurrected the brand to all its seafaring glory. With a name like Mighty Mac, you’d probably think they know a thing or two about jacket construction. And you know what? You’d be right — made from a lovely blend of cotton and polyester with some massive zips, they should still look good even with fish guts and the seasick chef’s last meal down the front.

Mighty-Mac / Aro Deck Jacket / Indigo

Mighty-Mac / Gym Tee / Lobsta

On the subject of food, we’ve just received a few tasty hors d’oeuvres from A.P.C. in the shape of a Jacko tribute jacket, some super-lightweight windbreakers, a high-concept t-shirt and a full denim restock. Sacrebleu indeed.

A.P.C. / Blouson Jacket / Red

A.P.C. / T shirt / Blue Grey

Undeniably Euro, but in a different way, we’ve just received a great shipment from the Italian style stallions at C.P.Company and Esemplare. It looks like C.P. Company have just installed a new washing machine at HQ, as their latest stuff comes in some great colours that have that washed out, second hand look without the funny smell. For those of you planning to brave a few sandstorms, or scare a few people at the shopping centre, there’s also an ace jacket that comes complete with the classic C.P. Company goggles. From Esemplare we’ve got a great pea coat, some very crinkly jackets and a shape-shifting vest/jacket fusion piece that is hard to describe with mere words.

C.P. Company / Crew Tee / Raspberry

C.P. Company / Overdyed Bomber / Yellow

Esemplare / Reefer Jacket / Navy

Esemplare / Gibbie Jacket / Green

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