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Mt. Rainier Design

Published: Tue Apr 03 2012

Taking their name from an active volcano just south of Seattle, Mt. Rainier Design may look like something straight out of an old copy of the National Geographic, but they are in fact a Japanese brand that started out in 2006. Influenced by the hazy, long-haired and care-free days of 60’s mountaineering, Mt. Rainier Design have a real penchant for that mystical combination of cotton and nylon known as 60/40. Famed for its resistance to wind and water, whilst also being breathable, it’s easy to see why Mt Rainer Design have such a soft spot for the stuff.

As well as harnessing the powers of 60/40 to make some great mountain parkas, they also use it on shorts, backpacks and what we’ve all been crying out for — 60/40 mountain wallets. Perfect for if your sherpa wants paid by card.

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