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Good for the Banter

Published: Fri Mar 23 2012

This competition is now closed, cheers for all the captions. Some were good, some weren’t so good, but we can now announce the winner is Andrew Hill from Cardiff thanks to his simple yet effective caption — “For an animal with no hands, it did a good job on the tiling….”

Wonderful stuff I’m sure you’ll agree. So congrats Andrew, the prize is being deployed as we speak, and for the rest of you, The Great White Silence can be bought here.
Seeing as it’s nearly a whole century since the death of Antarctic explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott we thought we’d celebrate (is that the right word?) with a caption competition. It’s a pretty simple affair — just have a look at the lovely picture above, have a good think about it and then enter your best shot in the comments box.

As well as winning our respect (surely a worthy prize in itself), the writer of the best caption will get a copy of The Great White Silence on DVD/Blu-ray dual-format courtesy of the BFI. Painstakingly restored using super-tech photochemical techniques we don’t understand, The Great White Silence is the official record of Captain Scott’s fatal Antarctic expedition, as shot by the expedition’s specifically appointed cinematographer, Herbert Ponting.

As well as this ace prize we’ll throw in a £50 quid gift voucher to spend on your next bit of Antarctic expedition gear (or summer holiday beach-wear).