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Fresh from the Land of the Rising Sun…

Published: Thu Mar 22 2012

The world just doesn’t seem as big as it used to. With cheap airfare meaning dreadlocked students can ‘find themselves’ for less of their parent’s money then ever before, and video-calling no longer being the preserve of 60’s sci-fi, the distant and mysterious shores of Japan aren’t quite as distant anymore.

But what’s this got to do with clothes? Well we’ve just got our mitts on a container of Journal Standard fresh from Japan. Operating from a smattering of stores all over Japan, only recently has Journal Standard been available outside of Nihon. Like all the best Japanese brands, Journal Standard take classic designs, like the Breton striped jersey or the 60/40 parka, and hone them in with super-attentive attention to detail.

Journal Standard / 60/40 Parka / Tan

Journal Standard / Breton Jersey / Navy/White Stripe

Journal Standard / Helicopter Crew Pants / Tan

Staying on the ‘Japanese brands that re-design western classics’ theme, we’ve also got some great new shoes fromWeaver Moccasin. Designed in Japan but made in Portugal by expert shoe-crafters, Weaver Moccasins are based on the much sought-after designs of a certain Staten Island Hip-Hop group's favourite Somerset shoe brand.

Weaver Moccasin / Waterbird Shoe / Brown Suede

Weaver Moccasin / Lark Shoe / Beige

Also online this week we’ve got some ace jackets and some tough-nut chinos from Woolrich, and some super-summery-striped knits from the Italian knitwear stallions at G.R.P.

Woolrich / Mountain Parka / Burnt Orange

Woolrich / Tank Jacket / Island Khaki

G.R.P. / Button Shoulder Knit / Navy/Ecru

G.R.P. / Button Shoulder Knit / Ecru/Yellow

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