Oi Polloi

Summer Knits from Howlin'

Published: Thu Mar 08 2012

Close your eyes and picture this scene — you’re striding barefoot through a Cairo Bazaar as the mid-day sun beams down, your linen trousers echoing your every stride with a calm billow. Your torso? Your arms? Your shoulders? They feel cool and comfortable as you wander through the busy streets. Passing by a small stall of curios you catch your reflection in an old mirror. Something’s not quite right. It hits you, you’re wearing a knit.

Thanks to the boys at Howlin’ by Morrison the world of summer knitwear has been thrown right open with their linen/cotton knits. Knits at the beach, knits in the desert, knits on the yacht — thanks to Howlin’ these fantasies are now knit-wear realities.

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