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Waikiki-inspired Woolrich and McNasty's Safari Park

Published: Tue Mar 06 2012

Woolrich have been around for years (182 years if you’ve been counting) but that doesn’t mean they rest on their plaid laurels, in fact the taste for adventure still runs strong at Woolrich HQ. They may be as American as a privatised health care system, but their love of high quality shirting often takes them to far-flung lands. This year Polynesia was the destination of choice as the lads from Woolrich went in search of the mystical Ikat. No, not the latest legal high, Ikat (taken from an Indonesian term meaning ‘bind’) is an age-old method of fabric dyeing in which select threads are tied off and coated in wax before being dyed. The threads are then woven together to create a one-off shirt, not dissimilar to that incense infused classic — tie-dye.

After dodging poison darts, snake pits and rolling boulders, our intrepid explorers finally managed to find the ways of the Ikat and have harnessed this ancient craft with the Ikat Military Shirt. All possibly fabricated stories aside, this an ace slice of shirt design. But that’s not all, we’ve also got some cosy crew-necks, a genuine, bonafide indigo dyed shirt and even a dignified use of fleece.

Woolrich / Military Ikat Shirt / Light Blue

Woolrich / Basshu Popover Crew / Persimmon

Woolrich / Cotton Linen Dobby Shirt / Micro Dobby

Keeping on the Woolrich theme we’ve also just received a whole-load of Woolrich Woolen Mills gear from ol’ McNasty himself. Looks like that school trip to Knowsley Safari Park had a lasting effect, with safari parkas, Ray Mears approved survival shirts and utility khaki in no short supply.

Windows up — no feeding the animals please.

Woolrich Woolen Mills / Cincinati Jacket / Olive

Woolrich Woolen Mills / Papa Vest / Khaki

Woolrich Woolen Mills / Half Sleeve BD Shirt / Mulit Plaid Yello

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