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The North Shore or South Shields?

Published: Thu Feb 23 2012

In a storyline lifted straight out of Rocky V (the poorest of the saga if you want our opinion), this week we’ve got the tale of an old, time honoured classic duking it out on the streets with a sprightly young gun.

First up we’ve got the new boy, Batten Sportswear from the mean streets of Brooklyn, New York. After four years under the tutorage of none other than Daiki Suzuki of Engineered Garments fame, surfer/designer Shinya Hasegawa has now gone solo with some top-notch beach/pub wear. From Batten we’ve got the return of the kag-in-a-bag, a Transformers inspired tote bag (a backpack in disguise), board shorts galore, and even some beach-ready printed T-shirts. Yeah, Manchester may not have a beach, but we’ve heard there’s some great swell on the Bridgewater this time of year…

Batten Sportswear / Overhang Shorts / Navy Flower Print

Batten Sportswear / Travel Shell Parka / Sky Blue

Batten Sportswear / Surf Contest Tee / Gold

For more on Batten Sportswear click here

But it you prefer rolling hills to crashing waves, we’ve got a Range Rover full of Barbour jackets to satisfy your needs. From Steve McQueen approved classics to waxy poacher chic, there’s a Barbour for every occasion.

Barbour / Catterick Jacket / Racing Green

Barbour / Peel Jacket / White Stone

Barbour / Printed Reversible Sports Hat / Fish Print

But it’s not just surf-shorts and fly-fishing this week, also online are some top-notch boots from Red Wing. Handcrafted in Minnesota, these boots are made for working, walking, and just about everything else.

Red Wing / Oxford / Copper Rough & Tough

Red Wing / Chukka / Original

In other footwear news, stay locked to that computer/PDA/pager because at the weekend the worlds of basketball and Danish design come together in sneaker form. Yep, you guessed it; the Pro Keds Norse Projects Royal Masters will be online. Check back for more.

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