Oi Polloi

The Monday Mixtape #18 by Ruf Dug (Wet Play) 'Ruffy's Sweaty African Basement Mixtape'

Published: Mon Feb 20 2012

Ruf Dug, a DJ / producer and mustachioed impresario from Manchester via Sydney. The founding father of the Ruf Kutz label and promoter of Manchester’s roadblock Wet Play parties alongside fellow residents Kickin’ Pigeon, Ste Spandex and Randy Marsh.

To celebrate their upcoming party this Friday (more details here) he’s contributed to the Oi Polloi Monday Mixtape series with ‘Ruffy’s Sweaty African Basement Mixtape’. A mix of African vibes old and new, Ruffy encourages you to: “Feel the warm desert breezes… inhale the strange vapours… lose yourself in the midnight sativa dance”.

Well, what are you waiting for?

- – - – - -
Nacho Patrol – Africaspaceprogram
Sippy – Creation
Harmonious Thelonious – Trans Harmonic System
Bunny Hopper – Chop Shot Chop
Tropical Treats – Rift Valley Groove
The Light Of Saba – Africa
Warp Afrobeat Remix Project 2
Fonda Rae – Heobah
Eddie Hooper – Tomorrow’s Sun
William Onyeabor – Everyday
Rick Asikpo – Jam
?? – Ca Ca Ye (Frankie Francis Edit)
Orchestra Conga International / Bokelo Isenge – Bokilo Senga Pt.1