Oi Polloi

Pigeon Poaching

Published: Fri Feb 17 2012

It seems Daiki at Engineered Garments has been partaking in a bit of the ol’ NYC pigeon poaching lately and has really upped his game (that’s a hunting pun there) with some rifle-ready wares. But for those of you that aren’t gamekeepers, don’t fret. We’ve got some dapper new takes on the EG classics like the Work Shirt and the BD Popover, and a floral shirt which is best described as a hippy love-in at a village folk fete.

Engineered Garments / Shooting Jacket/ Khaki Cotton Oxford

Engineered Garments / Work Shirt / Natural Cotton Sheeting

Engineered Garments / Tab Collar Shirt / Natural Floral Print

Talking of village fetes, those three or four days of summer we get every year aren’t as far off as you think, so it looks like you’re going to need a few new t-shirts. Luckily we’ve got tees aplenty from those boys of summer at YMC. And if the massive pile of shirts wasn’t enough, we’ve got lightweight jackets, peyote-flavoured deck shoes and even an appearance from that rare beast – the summer knit.

YMC / Slub Melange Stripe Tee / Burgundy

YMC / Deck Shoe / Navy Navajo

YMC / Fair Isle Crew Knit / Camel

Also online this week – militant polka-dots and Hawaiian camo from Heritage Research and a bit of classic ranch-ware from the good old boys at Lee.

Heritage Research / NVA Shirt / Navy Dot Chambray

Lee / 101 Matching Shirt / State Blue