Oi Polloi

Espezially For You

Published: Wed Oct 15 2014

Hide those new Nikes quick! Gary Aspden’s adidas Spezial exhibition is coming to Manchester. Featuring the collections of some of the North’s most dedicated adidas hoarders (including Oi Polloi boss-hogg Nigel), there’s alleged to be a grand total of 650 ultra-rare trainers on display. How many stripes is that? Answers written in marker pen onto the toe-box of your deadstock Tahitis to the usual address…

The exhibition is free and will be open from 12pm to 8pm on Friday the 24th of October until Sunday the 2nd November at 7 Dale Street. Find out more here.

And that isn’t all — to coincide with all this, we’re going to be selling the Spezial range of clothing and footwear. These will be available from our Thomas Street shop at 10am on Friday the 24th of October, and online from midnight that night. There might also be some green trainer named after some place in Manchester… but we don’t know anything about that and we’ve got no idea when it’s coming out.

Until then, why not look at these spy-shots of the Spezial exhibition-space and imagine what it’ll look like with all those trainers in.

Pictures courtesy of Jay Johnson