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The Antiques Clothes Show: John's Shoes

Published: Wed Sep 03 2014

For this instalment of the Antiques Clothes Show, Good Measure sweatshirt supremo John Poland explains his undying love for his old Clarks. Take it away John…

It was a tough shout choosing something to drag along to the Antiques Clothes Show as most of my schmutter could be classed as antique — but I’ve chosen my old faithful Clarks Natures. I’ve had several pairs of these over the years and they’ve always brought either love or derision and nothing in between. They’re special shoes for special feet.

Now fans of the brand will be aware that the boys down in Somerset have released updated versions of these over the years but to be honest these are like the BMW Mini — a bit pony. They’ve come with a squared off sole and a fake “heel” cut out which not what we want. It’s the bulbous rounded sole with the circular tread pattern that makes them.

The last couple of pairs I’ve had have come from those shoe clearance destinations that seem to proliferate East Lancashire towns — the kind of destinations where people who can’t remember who they are go for day trips by coach and wander round like extras from a George A. Romero film.

The pair I’m wearing as I type are nearly ten years old now. They’re looking a bit sorry for themselves at the moment but no amount of searching on our favourite auction site has turned up any new ones. These shoes have seen me through summers and winters, good times and bad, they’ve contributed to my mental well-being and saved me from the wrath of snide trainers reinvented as cool.

East Lancashire beckons.

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