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Staff Sale Picks

Published: Fri Jul 11 2014

There’s still a few gems hiding in our sale. But instead of simply saying, “there’s still a few gems hiding in our sale,” we thought we’d demonstrate that fact by allowing our faithful droogs to browse the sale rail and take their pick.

Up top we’ve got a freshly-sheared John Studley modelling a handy Epperson ‘fanny pack’ (their name, not ours). So tell us John, what led you to this little beaut?

“I went for the useful factor, it’s perfect for carrying a light jacket in our up and down weather,” said John.

Next up we’ve got bringer of biscuits and cakes Mai and a fragrant floral fancy from Monitaly. Tell us why, won’t you Mai?

“I like it because it’s the opposite of what I usually wear,” explained Mai. Fair enough.

The ghoul from Goole, Mr Josh Rothery opted for the functional fun of a Nanamica jacket.

“There’s not many of them, but the pockets on this are some of the best going,” stated Josh.

Sharply-dressed Sharpo was drawn to the striped stylings of an M.Nii t-shirt, here’s why — “I’ve got one of these myself and they’re the best fitting t-shirts you can get your hands on. They’re also very good at being washed,” noted Joe.

Tight lipped Alex opted for this A.P.C. number. We pressed for a comment.

“Fruity,” said Alex.

Kind hearted Stephen Keogh was drawn to the laid back luxury of an Engineered Garments jacket.

“If you’re feeling a bit like Mike Love on the beach, then why not buy an Engineered Garments jacket with a terry towelling liner?” asked Steven.

Scouse mouse Tommy Q went for this here Levi’s Made and Crafted denim bomber jacket.

“This one will really knock the girls out. Believe me… I know” laughed Tom.

Shy snapper Big Mikey Sallabank pointed his sneaky lens at some New Balance trainers.

“I recently attempted a Guinness World Record for the fastest round of golf in history. I wasn’t wearing these shoes at the time — but looking back at it now — I wish I was,” cried Mike.

Professional pin-tucker Seb picked a jacket from Post O’alls. Go on then Seb, explain why…

“This is called a Sweetbear jacket, the name makes no sense to me. Then again, Post O’alls makes no sense to me either. Must be a Japanese thing. My favourite thing about this shirty jackety thingy is that it actually looks better wrinkled so you don’t even have to get your mum to iron this for you. Also look at that awesome weirdly shaped slanted pocket. I don’t know why that makes it good, but it just does,” thought Seb.

For suave young buck Sam, there was only really one option — a Christies baseball cap.

“I’ve long been a fan of suede baseball caps that have holes in them, so when I locked eyes with this one fateful day I instantly knew I needed it in my suede baseball cap (that have holes in them) collection.” said Sam.

And last but by no means least we’ve got CEO Claude and a trusty pair of Sebago loafers. So Claude, what is it about these luscious loafers that caught your eye?

“The year was 1957. I was working on an ocean liner travelling across the Pacific. The work was hard but the sea breeze was soft. We ate fresh fish for every meal and the sound of jazz echoed down every hall. Every damn penny I made on that old liner I saved with the hope of buying a decent pair of shoes once I hit dry land. These were the shoes I bought. I still remember what it felt like when I slipped my calloused, well-worn paws into that leather on that humid evening — way back when life seemed so simple,” remembered Claude, as he wiped a solitary tear from his eye.

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