Oi Polloi

Top Ten Things of the Year

Published: Tue Dec 24 2013

Whether it’s the Top 38 Discontinued Greggs Delicacies or the Top 346 Peruvian Pan-Pipe Anthems, you can’t go wrong with a list. And seeing as the year formally known as 2013 is finally winding down, we thought we’d try our hand at our own. So without any further rambling, here it is — The Oi Polloi Top Ten Things of the Year.

Number Ten — C6 bags

At number ten we’ve got a new entry from C6. It’s a backpack, it’s black and it has a certain ‘hacking the Pentagon’s database’ quality that’s impossible not to like.

Number Nine — The Yellow Our Legacy Jumper

In at nine we’ve got this yellow jumper from Our Legacy. At first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking that there’s nothing too out of the ordinary going on here. But look deeper. Look harder. See how that yellow looks like Bird’s Custard? And how about that ribbing? A true masterpiece that nearly half of the Oi Polloi goon squad are proud to own.

Number Eight — Socks

People have always worn socks and they always will (unless the events in Waterworld come true) but in 2013 people really went to town. Socks with stripes on, socks without stripes on, maybe even a striped pair of socks worn underneath a non-striped pair of socks. Mental eh?

Number Seven — Andersen-Andersen Sailor Sweaters

If we were doing ‘Best Perfectly Symmetrical Merino Wool Roll Neck of the Year’ then this probably would have won but we’re not so it hasn’t. It’s still ace though and well deserves a spot on here.

Number Six — Nike Flyknits

Knitted running shoes may seem a bit mental but if you think about it, isn’t life a bit mental? These got a few funny looks when they first turned up but any doubters were soon silenced once they’d given these the old ‘wander-around-the-shop’ test.

Number Five — The Oi Polloi Baracuta G9

Alright, we’re probably a bit biased and all that but it’s our list and we can do what we want with it.

Number Four — OrSlow

A sharp-eyed Japanese designer with a penchant for work-wear makes clothes using old-time machinery — it’s a story we’ve heard a thousand times, but when the clothes are this good, it’s one we’ll never tire of hearing.

Number Three — Grey Sweatshirts

Grey sweatshirts were ace in 1953, they’re ace in 2013 and in the year 562013 they’ll still be ace (unless the world has been taken over by robots and human beings are forced to live as slaves who aren’t allowed to wear clothes).

Number Two — Those 70s Converse Chuck Taylors

Just missing out on the top-spot we’ve got those ultra-fancy ‘70s Chuck Taylors. Not only do these have thicker canvas, better laces and a sturdier sole than the standard All Stars, but they come with the smug satisfaction of knowing that your Converse are a bit better (and rarer) than everyone else’s.

Number One — The Fisher Space Pen

Ask anyone who’s anyone and they’ll say the same thing — 2013 was the year of the Fisher Space Pen. High-brow trainers are all well and good, but they’re no use if you’re trying to do the Sudoku on the Mir Space Station. Fisher Space Pen, we salute you!