Oi Polloi

Christmas Gift Guide No.3 ~ WAGS

Published: Mon Nov 25 2013

* Ray-Ban Outdoorsman in Craft Gold / Brown Leather / Polarised Green

We may deal in menswear, but we’ve got a lot more female friendly gear than you might think. Alright, size UK 11 Red Wings might be out the window, but with a bit of thought there’s no reason why you couldn’t get girlfriend, wife or life partner a present from Oi Polloi. And this may be the WAGs edition, but there’s no reason why it can’t be for SAMs (Sisters and Mothers) or NAGs (Nieces and Grandmas) too.

Whilst most of our actual clothes may fall down when it comes to the fact that we only sell men’s sizes (unless you happen to be going out with an Amazon), absolutely everyone can wear knitwear. Jumpers look good when they’re big and baggy, and as luck would have it, we’ve got all sorts on offer.

You know what else your girlfriend would really love on Christmas day? Yep, you guessed it — a military watch. Okay, on second thoughts this probably sounds a bit weird, but thanks to a bright coloured strap what was designed for detonating TNT and synchronizing sniper missions can be used for scheduling whatever it is that women do.

Bags are probably the mainstay of our unisex wing. We may not sell ridiculously expensive leather clutch bags, but we’ve got plenty of rucksacks and tote bags that anyone could enjoy, even your wife. Fjällräven Kankens are probably our best selling ‘transgender carry-solution’, but Pendleton and A.P.C. also make some absolute blinders.

Your girlfriend may laugh at the fact that you don’t flinch at spending a bit of money on a pair of socks, but she’s not complaining when she’s living it up in your Wig-Wams that she nabbed from your drawer. To put a stop to this travesty, why not get her some fancy socks of her own?

Other credible gift ideas include sunglasses, magazines and Technicolor card cases. We also do gift vouchers if you’re feeling bold.