Oi Polloi

Christmas Gift Guide No.2 ~ Dads

Published: Mon Nov 25 2013

* Woolrich Arctic Parka in Patina

Alright, you’ve worked out what you want for Christmas, now comes the hard part — trying to work out what your dad wants. So to save the old man from a barrage of useless gifts, we’ve selected a few things he might actually like.

We know he said he wanted The Magnificent Seven on Blu-Ray, but we reckon he’d much prefer a good shirt. Or maybe even a bit of knitwear. Either way, give him something smart and dignified, and he’ll wear it every day for the next five years.

Or how about getting the old man a good bag? Dads are always lugging around things like outdated camcorders, half eaten Nougat bars and needle-nose pliers, so why not streamline their life by getting them something to carry all this important stuff in? If he’s a travel-dad, get him a Barbour bag, if he’s a sports-dad, get him a Watershed bag, and if he’s a peyote-soaked spiritual-dad, get him a Pendleton bag.

Dads also do things that require wearing good shoes. Some dad’s work in offices, some dads have meetings with important people, some dads go to court for crimes they didn’t commit — all dads like fancy shoes.

Other possible ideas include umbrellas and books and swanky boxer shorts. And if you want to bypass the gift-choosing process entirely, you could always just give him a gift voucher.