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Christmas Gift Guide No.1 ~ Lads

Published: Fri Nov 22 2013

* Penfield Casper Corduroy Cap in Tan

Not quite sure what you want to write on that Christmas list? Or perhaps you’re trying to find the perfect present for your son, your brother or your significant other? Well, here are a few ideas to get those succulent turkey juices flowing.

Hats and gloves have been a fixture of Christmas Day since it was invented by Tim Allen back in 1994. Gloves may not seem that exciting, but when you’re dragged from the comfort of the front room to go on the annual Boxing Day family walk, you’ll be glad you got these and not a VHS copy of Murray Walker’s Magic Moments.

Socks might just be the ultimate Christmas gift. Everyone likes socks and everyone needs socks. And unless you’ve got weirdly small feet, there’s no sizing faff to worry about. Another classic gift is the watch. Not only are watches actually useful, but there’s a certain sacred quality with these that most things lack. Remember Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction? Chances are he wouldn’t have trekked back to his apartment if it was an electric can opener his dad (via Cristopher Walken) had given him and not a gold watch.

Other potential gift ideas include bags, wallets, books and fancy pens that allow you to write in space. And if you’re really stumped, don’t fret — you could always ask for a gift voucher.