Oi Polloi

The Monday Mixtape #23 'Joey B presents Straight Swangin 4'

Published: Mon Jul 22 2013

We’ve been dragged kicking and screaming from our blissed out state on a desert island, and into the sweltering heat of the deep south for this edition of the Monday mixtape….

From the land of candy paint and purple drank Oi Polloi proudly presents Joey B’s Straight Swangin 4, the latest instalment in the series.

A Manchester stalwart and one of the gentlemen behind the long running Hotmilk and Swing Ting club nights, Joey’s provided us with a raucous collection of what’s currently making suspension struts rattle in the Southern states and Bay Area of California.

With the weatherman telling us that we might as well be living in a southern state of the US currently; crack open a Vimto blend it with that Calpol (not advisable), polish the rims upon your whip of choice and take a ride; air horns at the ready.

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