Oi Polloi

Pica~Sounds Debriefing

Published: Wed Jul 10 2013

Cheers to everyone who came down to Pica~Sounds last Thursday, was a top night. Just a shame a badly parked car put a stop to the BBQ, but you can’t win ‘em all. Talking of winning, congratulations to the wonderfully named ‘Wobble87’, who’s just won himself £100 to spend at Oi Polloi thanks to our Pica~Sounds competition. See above for his winning shot. Plans are already afoot for the next one, and while we can’t give too much away at this early stage, it might be on the second Thursday in August, and there might be some pairs of Sperrys up for grabs. More news on this soon. Back to last week’s hijinks, here’s some lovely photos courtesy of Joe Sharpe and Sebastian Beesley.