Oi Polloi

Intense Indigo Insanity

Published: Thu May 23 2013

Dogs aren’t just for Christmas, Creme Eggs aren’t just for Easter and indigo isn’t just for jeans. Originally an extract from the Indigofera Tinctoria plant, this most excellent of blue dyes moves in mysterious ways, and after a bit of wash and wear really comes into its own. Some people might say it develops a personality, a character, a soul… but let’s not get carried away.

The great Danes at Han Kjøbenhavn are particularly fond of a bit of the ol’ indigo dye, and use it on everything from sweatpants to quilted military-esque shirts. In case you can’t tell, this is the latter, and isn’t it a beaut?

Woolrich may be famous for their plaid wares, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to wield everyone’s favourite synthesized plant extract. Bluer than the Blue Man Group’s secret stash of blue movies, their t-shirts and polos are perfect for nights spent drinking bottles of blue WKD in your local blues bar.

The Ribbens Shakey Jacket takes it’s name from ol’ Shakey himself, Neil Young. The story goes that Neil wasn’t the steadiest when it came to holding a camera, but instead of pooling together to buy him a tripod, his friends decided to give him the nickname ‘Shakey’. Like Shakey himself, it’s a tough cookie that should grow old gracefully.

The high-brow sorts at Our Legacy aren’t above a bit of Indigo either, and when they’re not ‘re-appropriating’ acid-house imagery or publishing thought-provoking photo-books, they’re up-to their elbows in the blue stuff, and who can blame them?