Oi Polloi

The Monday Mixtape #21

Published: Mon May 27 2013

In the age of cattle-shed ‘super’ clubs, that pay greater tribute to the British tradition of queuing than the British tradition of Acid House, the small scale rave reigns supreme. Give us a little basement and a bass-bin any day of the week (mostly Fridays and Saturdays mind, at our age mid-week is a bit much).

Why the party pontificating?

Well, today sees the resurrection of our Monday Mixtape series, and the first offering of 2013 beams in from The Social Service. No, not that one, the one that throws occasional parties in the basement of The Greatstone Hotel. ‘The Occasional House Party’ is actually the way they put it, and that’s a fair summary of the vibe they provide. A hidden gem in the off-grid environs of Gorsehill, the cellar at The Greatstone has been running soul dances since Georgie Best was a young rapscallion (as the photos on the wall of the hotel attest). ‘Intimate’ and ‘underground’ would perhaps sound clichéd — but really that’s the best way of putting it, intimate, underground and… fucking ace.

Compiled by The Social Service’s Dave Owen and Rina Ladybeige, the May Day Mixtape squeezes all the goodness of The Occasional House Party into 90 minutes. (If you sniff hard you can almost smell the pork pie buffet, poppers and sambucca.)  

They’re celebrating their 1st anniversary on Saturday 22nd of June with a guest slot from Bugged Out and Back To Basics stalwart, James ‘Boggy’ Holroyd. We’d recommend getting down there.

1. Can-Dee – Lucky Day

2. Rozlyn Sorrell – Sucker For Candy 

3. Goody Goody – Make Me Hot
4. D-train – Keep On
5. Aurra – Perfect Date
6. Toney Lee – Reach Up (dub)

7. Atmosfear – What Do We Do

8. Armenta – I Wanna Be With You 

9. Mint – Let Me Be The One
10. M1 – Electronic Funk
11. The Revenge – Unfinished Edits Are Out of my Hands
12. 7 Samurai – Brothers

13.Massive Sounds – She Say Kuff

14.Rome Jeffries – Good Love

15. Dee Coley – Never Had A Love Like Yours.
16. Original Rockers – Push Push
17. Edit Channel XXX
18. Frankie Knuckles – Only The Strong Survive
19. Mikki – Dance Lover (Dub)
20. 52nd Street – Can’t Afford