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C6 Bags

Published: Mon May 13 2013

I got excited about these bags from C6 as soon as I saw the samples. The build quality is exceptional and the finer details have been obsessed over, minimal aesthetics with all the functionality the modern day gentleman could possibly require.

There is definitely a nod to military utility pieces, not least in the colour choices and solid bomb proof build quality. It’s beauty lies in it’s simplicity with a design that keeps your belongings safe and secure while the treated double layer cotton canvas will keep bad weather at bay.

It’s versatility means you can stride confidently into the office, or equally perform manoeuvres on the adventure playground in the local park with full battle attire should that be your chosen weekend activity.

I purchased the North South Tote, C6 either have a total disregard for the humble compass or they’re alluding to the tote’s ability to perform equally well either side of the equator. The perfect size for the daily essentials and a little more with bomb proof construction. It’s shown itself to be a top performer in the dismal Spring offering thus far.

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