Oi Polloi

Deck~Out and About: The Hunt for the Oddbergur

Published: Tue Apr 30 2013

Since the release of the Norse Projects x Oi Polloi Oddbergur Parkas we’ve been inundated with the question… “What is an Oddbergur?” To be honest, we weren’t quite sure ourselves, so we saddled up the cycles and hit the road in search of the oddest burgers we could find. After all, what could be better than two of Oi Polloi’s least photogenic staff members eating odd looking burgers whilst wearing jackets called Oddbergur Parkas?

Any Salford-based burger-fan knows the Adelphi Café is the place to be when it comes to minced-meat patties. Reasonably priced, ample saucing and even the option to purchase your washing-up liquid post-burger, what’s not to like?

An undeniably good burger, but not really odd enough… onwards.

Currently balancing on the edge of copyright infringement, Tecco Express may not look like your usual burger outlet, but we’re not looking for usual burgers. Odd burgers are the name of the game and odd burgers are what we got. Now if only we’d brought a tin opener…

Burgers across the spectrum.

As the sign says, Salford’s Kingfisher chippy (not to be confused with the equally delectable Tib Street chip shop of the same name) sells breakfast, sandwiches and “all things nice”. After being told that beef burgers were off the menu as they’d “only just cleaned the griddle”, we decided to soldier on and opt for the turkey burger — after all, burgers is burgers.

Another wonderful patty, but a turkey burger flanked by two slices of lettuce in a seeded barm still doesn’t seem odd enough to be crowned The Oddbergur. The hunt continues.

Could that arrow be the final clue to the whereabouts of the elusive Oddbergur? Lets take a look…

Of course, Wimpy, the rightful home of the one and only Bender In A Bun (with cheese).

And before you ask — yes, it’s award winning.

Here it is folks, the Bender In A Bun AKA The Oddbergur. Congratulations to the fine folks Salford branch of Wimpy who worked long and hard to earn this title.

17 burgers in, morale was lagging.

And that just about wraps it up. Thanks to the burger outlets of Salford for their hospitality — and until next time, keep guzzling those burgers food-fans.

The Oi Polloi x Norse Projects Oddbergur Parkas are available now