Oi Polloi

The Antiques Clothes Show: Rougén's M-65 Jacket

Published: Thu Apr 11 2013

For this week’s edition of Antiques Clothes Show, we’ve got the story of syrup-tongued shop maestro and bathhouse afficianado Rougén and his trusty M-65 jacket…

Right, so it all started during the time of my 16th birthday in my hometown Stockholm, Sweden. I had wished for a new coat from my baba (Editor’s note: baba is an Iranian term for dad) and I had my eyes set on an M-65 field jacket. My baba wanted to buy a cheap one from H&M but I wasn’t having any of it and insisted on him buying me a proper one for twice the price. Said and done on the day of my 16th birthday there it was — the M-65 field jacket. Light green, with orange lining and a bit oversized. It looked the bleeding part. It instantly took the number 1 spot in my wardrobe, became my second skin and all that palaver…

Circa 2008-2009. Pre match Kodak moment before a local derby. Spot the git in the front.

Present day. Out of my brain somewhere in Manchester with my mate Jason of The Delaplains (top band, check them out).

Now you might think what’s the point with this little story? We’ve all had jackets in our youth that we loved, wore and now think back about with fond memories. The difference is that 10 years on this jacket is still with me and is still one of my favourites. It’s gone through many a ride with me. It was with me in my teens when I was listening to New Order, getting smashed on cider in various parks around Stockholm and trying to pull girls. I wore it in my early twenties chasing fans of local rival football clubs around the streets of Stockholm, all in the name of my beloved team Hammarby. And today when I’m listening to Creedence, smoking regular Mayfair’s and getting off my face around Manchester and Salford, the jacket is still here… In fact I was wearing it only this week when I got CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival) tattooed right across my chest.