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Video Madness from Han Kjøbenhavn

Published: Tue Mar 12 2013

Han Kjobenhavn – SS13 from Han Kjobenhavn on Vimeo.

Han Kjøbenhavn don’t just make good gear, but they’re also pretty handy when it comes to ‘promotional video content’. The thing is though; sometimes they’re a bit hard to understand. To help us decipher their newest offering, aptly titled ‘SS13’, we got on the blower to Film Psychologist Dr John Johnsonson to offer up his interpretation. Here’s what he had to say…

“Night and day, left and right, good and evil, Caine and Abel, Ant and Dec… contrast, juxtaposition, whatever you want to call it, it’s a fixture of the art of film, and this film is awash with it. It starts with pigeons, loyal friends or vermin? The film is unbiased, the camera is a bystander — you decide. From here we’re thrown into the underhand underbelly of the Danish underworld. The fighters with animal heads… obvious symbolism — we’re all animals at heart, but as we become more and more detached from nature, only in the primitive arena of the ring can we truly be free. The balloons slowly floating to the sky? An ode for lost childhood. The bananas shared in the park? Rebirth. The scantily clad women? Not sure about what they symbolise, but do a good job of catching the eye of an old creep like me.”

So there you have it, cheers John!

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