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This Week's News: Gitman Vintage, Ten c and more

Published: Fri Mar 08 2013

Do you like shirting? Do you wear shirting? Is shirting even a real word? Who knows? What we do know is Gitman Vintage make some of the best ‘shirting options’ around. Using an array of fabrics from their hefty archives, there’s a Gitman shirt for every torso. Prone to sweating? Well their linen or seersucker shirts will keep you fresh. Got a penchant for Mexican bed-throws? Take a look at their Sayulita Blanket shirt. With darted sides and a slim fit, they’re smart, but thanks to the patterns and fabrics, you won’t look like you’re ‘in admin’.

What do you get when you cross Travis Bickle with a Bentley soft-top roof? A Ten c Field Jacket of course. Using the time-honoured M-65 shape, and the waterproof super-fabric used on luxury convertibles, it’s nothing short of an outerwear masterstroke.

Other items of interest include more velour couture from Battenwear, slightly out of character surf-styles from Stone Island, some great bits of kit from Penfield and a few high-concept think-pieces from Our Legacy.

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