Oi Polloi


Published: Wed Mar 06 2013

There’s little we can say about Fjällräven that we haven’t said before at some point, so we’ll try and keep this concise. Always different, always the same, the Swedish outdoorsmen have been making their own brand of tough, functional outdoor gear since the ‘60s, and are still as devoted to the cause as ever.

As well as the old favourites like the water-resistant Greenland Jacket and the spine-saving Kånken backpacks, there’s big things afoot — make sure you’re sat down, and if you’ve got a weak ticker, look away — Fjällräven have introduced a new colour. They call it ochre, but to us it looks uncannily like Colman’s Mustard. Anyway, they’ve used it on everything from trousers to jacket/zip-off vest hybrids, and it’s guaranteed to add a subtle hint of spice to that dull walk around Tatton Park.

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