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This Week's News with Battenwear, Woolrich and Loads More

Published: Thu Feb 14 2013

Get that spaghetti Bolognese simmering, light a few scented candles and get Minnie Ripertton on the record player, it’s time to settle down with your one true love — fresh schmutter from Oi Polloi.

For starters let’s snuggle up on the sofa with the NYC surf-stylings of Battenwear. Yep you heard right — following such ground-breaking name changes as the Opal Fruits to Starburst shocker and the Jif to Cif shakeup, Batten Sportswear is now Battenwear. Snappier name aside, it’s still the functional outdoor gear you know and love. We’ve just received our first batch for summer and things are shaping up rather nicely — velour mafiosa track-tops, zip-off trousers and earthy hues aplenty — you don’t have to be Hawaii’s premier big wave surfer to appreciate this stuff.

Battenwear / Team Jacket / Yellow

Battenwear / Overhang Shorts / Floral

Next up we’re going to whisper sweet nothings into the ear of Woolrich. As one of the oldest outdoor brands going, this lot definitely know what they’re doing. This time round they’ve delved into the deep blue abyss of indigo-dye for some top-notch t-shirts and polos. These things may look good now, but after a few spins in the wash they’ll be things of beauty.

Woolrich / Indigo Stone Masters Polo / Mid Indigo

We’ve also got some lovely stuff from Woolrich’s high-end, made in NYC counterpart, Woollen Mills. Shirts with pockets for your Daily Sport? Bright yellow anoraks? T-shirts with helicopters on? It’s safe to say designer Mark McNairy’s has left no stone of the Woolrich archive unturned.

Woolrich Woolen Mills / Square Helicopter T-Shirt / White

Continuing this romantic ode to clothing we’ve got Homespun and National Athletic Goods. Essentially two heads of one nostalgic, Canadian beast, Homespun focusses on depression-era undershirts whilst National Athletic Goods is dedicated to ’30s, ’40s and ’50s sportswear. The search for the perfect grey sweatshirt is one fraught with perils and pitfalls, but the Double V Crew from National Athletic Goods might just be the one.

National Athletic Goods / Double V Crew Neck / Navy

Other subjects of affection include some new denim styles from Nudie and Edwin, some uncharacteristically reserved pieces from Folk and a restock of the harpoon-proof sailor sweaters from Andersen-Andersen.

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