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Beams Plus and Engineered Garments

Published: Tue Feb 05 2013

If today’s newsblast was a boxing match it would be Ali vs Frazier, if it was a duet it would be Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, and if it was a film it would be Heat with Pacino and De Niro. In short we’ve brought out the heavy hitters.

Heavy hitter #1 is Beams Plus. Hailing from Harijuku, Tokyo, this lot take pretty much all our favourite points of reference and throw them in together to make some mouth-wateringly good garb. As well as their popover shirts and infamous gym pants, the real highlight here is probably their version of every misunderstood anti-heroes’ go-to jacket — the M-65 Field Jacket. With a sharper fit and a whole host of colours, if were unhinged Vietnam vet psychopaths who worked the night shift driving taxis around the slime-filled streets of Manchester, this is what we’d wear.

Beams Plus / M-65 Jacket / Beige

Beams Plus / Indigo Tee / Used Wash

Heavy hitter #2 is Engineered Garments. Raised on the mean streets of New York, Engineered Garments is the brainchild of vintage-clothes hoarder/sharp-eyed designer Daiki Suzuki. It’s always a big day when this turns up at OP HQ, and this time things are looking particularly good. All the EG classics are present and correct, but he’s turned the colours and patterns right up to eleven for something suitably summery. Sure it may be snowing in Manchester, but this is just what we need to cure our seasonal affective disorder.

Engineered Garments / Windbreaker / Light Blue Cotton Ripstop

Engineered Garments / Popover Shirt / Light Blue Tie-Dye Print

Engineered Garments / Fatigue Pants / Olive Reversed High Count Sateen

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