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This Week's News Courtesy of Universal Works and M.H.L.

Published: Thu Jan 31 2013

Fighting through snow, sleet, slush, hail, gale force winds and tricky customs officers, new gear is quickly amassing here at Oi Polloi. The big scoop this week comes from Nottingham’s finest, Universal Works.

This lot are dab hands at what’s known in menswear parlance as ‘the basics’. things like tees, shirts and sweats that are reliable, hard wearing and will still look good when you’ve spilt Pot Noodle down the front.

Universal Works / Heskin Sweat / Indigo

They also aren’t afraid to throw in a few curveballs to keep things interesting. So as well as their ever-reliable basics we’ve got floral work-shirts, paisley fishing hats and polka-dot t-shirts inspired by mentally unstable Japanese artists.

Universal Works / Worker Shirt / Rose Orange Print

Next up we’ve got M.H.L. (or M.H.L. by Margaret Howell if we’re splitting hairs). Margaret Howell is England’s answer to A.P.C. — except that Margaret Howell was making modernist masterpieces when A.P.C. was nothing more than a gleam in Jean Touitou’s eye. The great architect and famous ladies’ man Frank Lloyd Wright once said “simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art.” With that in mind we reckon these simple, well thought out designs are up there with any gallery piece.

M.H.L. by Margaret Howell / Welded Waterproof Jacket / Dark Green

M.H.L. by Margaret Howell / Short Sleeve Jersey / Shell/Dark Grey

This week also marks what may be a world first — a black jacket at Oi Polloi. But don’t worry, there’s no full length Matrix leather J’s here, just a super-stealthy Olmes Caretti Jacket from Henri Lloyd. And for those not pledging allegiance to the dark side, we’ve got a fairly wide-spectrum of colours to suit every taste.

Henri Lloyd / Olmes Caretti Jacket / Cobalt

Other notable bits include a Ghostface-esque Polo Ralph Lauren jacket, a restock from Uniform Wares and a Lacoste Polo Shirt selection that almost gives boss-man Nigel’s personal collection a run for its money.

Polo Ralph Lauren / Wild River Open Water Jacket / Red

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