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New Balance

Published: Tue Jan 22 2013

The year was 1988 — Guns ‘n’ Roses were taking you down to Paradise City, John Mcclane was wandering around Nakatomi Plaza with no shoes on and in New Balance’s Boston office, a young, hotshot designer was coming up with what would become a classic. Yep, the New Balance M576 is now the ripe age of 25, and to celebrate they’ve only gone and released a 25th Anniversary Edition.

But New Balance aren’t just living off their past glories, and are still striving forward into a brave new world of footwear. Designed with the help of Ultra-marathon runner and hair-cut dodger Anton Krupicka, the Minimus range are super stripped-back to follow the natural movement of the foot. They also help runners develop what’s known as a ‘mid-foot strike’, which is where you land on the middle part of your foot. White-coated sports science folks say this helps reduce the shock on the joints, and who are we to argue?

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