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Barbour To Ki To

Published: Wed Jan 09 2013

The mince pies have settled, the champagne has gone flat and there’s a slight feeling of disappointment in the air. Yep, it’s January AKA the most depressing month of the year. But it’s not all doom and gloom — the new season of schmuttter is almost upon us and the delights are slowly but surely starting to turn up.

One of the first brands through the door is Barbour To Ki To. This is Barbour’s top-end gear designed by Tokihito Yoshida. Based around Barbour’s strong hunting, fishing and motorcycling pedigree, expect waxed cotton, nifty details and a whole load of pockets.

With it’s short fit and angled pockets (originally designed for storing golf-balls don’t you know), the Barbour To Ki To Blast Jacket has all the trademarks of the majestic Harrington, and thanks to that Sylkoil waxed cotton it’s perfect for a quick round of crazy golf in the rain.

With the patches and panels of a military jumper, the heavy-duty cotton of a rugby shirt and stripes straight off a Breton sweater, the Mac Stripe Crew has got all you could ever want in a crew neck.

And for the tradionalists amongst you, we’ve also taken stock of all your favourite mainline Barbour jackets. We don’t need to ramble on about these classics, so we’ll just sum them up in one word — waxy.

Think of Barbour and chances are the first image that pops in your head is the Bedale Jacket. With a cord collar and the trademark waxed finish, to many people this is the definitive Barbour jacket.

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