Oi Polloi

A few gems from the postman

Published: Fri Jan 04 2013

Amongst the bills, taxi numbers and take-away menus, every now and again something drops through the letterbox that’s actually worth looking at. The above drawing came from the steady hands of Josh Parkin, and everything from the parka to the Paraboots are spot on. Cheers Josh, have a good 2013 yourself.

On a slightly weirder note, when Tim Moore’s printer broke, he decided to write out his returns info on a bit of paper. No, we know that’s not that weird, but just have a gander at what was on the back. If you’re slightly adverse to the male form, or are sat in a crowded office full of prudes, maybe give this one a miss.

It turns out Tim Moore is quite a big name on the Australian art circuit. So much so that ABC made this intriguing news feature about him featuring the standout line “dicks aren’t that hard to sew.”