Oi Polloi

The Oi Polloi Advent Calendar

Published: Fri Nov 30 2012

Cliff Richard’s been blasting out on the radio, the German markets are back in town and the alluring scent of festive pasties has been wafting from Greggs. All this points to one thing — it’s not as long to Christmas as you think it is. To get in the swing of things we’re proud to present the Oi Polloi Advent Calendar.

Advent calendars first started in the 19th century, when some chaps known as the Lutherans would draw a chalk line on their doors in the run up to Christmas. Whilst that sounds like a barrel of laughs, fingers crossed ours should be a bit better. We’re not going to give the game away just yet, but let’s just say we’re not skimping on generosity. So keep those eyes peeled in the shop, on the home page and on social media if you’re into that), and ye shall be rewarded.

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