Oi Polloi

Woolrich and Woolrich Woolen Mills

Published: Fri Oct 12 2012

Woolrich have been round for nearly two centuries now, and when it comes to real-deal cold-weather clobber, they certainly know what they doing. The Woolrich Arctic Parka was designed for the officially ‘brass monkeys’ temperatures workers on the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline had to deal with, and to us it’s the parka which all parkas are measured against.

For those who like the outdoor sensibilities of Woolrich, but aren’t currently working on an oil pipeline in their garden, there’s Woolrich Woolen Mills. Taking cues from over 180 years of Woolrich wares, Woolen Mills isn’t about tired rehashes, and has really turned into a beast of its very own lately. Designed by New York madhead Mark McNairy, Woollen Mills merges 80’s NYC leisure garb with 60’s woodland retreat-wear to make some pretty special stuff.