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Ten c

Published: Fri Sep 28 2012

‘Ten c’ is an acronym formed from the title of that famous Hans Christian Andersen tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes. It’s also the name that’s been given to a new line of premium outerwear. We’ll be honest, all things considered, this seemed a bit odd to us at first too — everyone knows the Emperor’s favourite deck-out was his birthday suit.

However, as Ten c have explained, the central theme to that fable was this: ‘look beyond what you are told to see — see what is truly there’. In the instance of Ten c this is meant to mean: ‘ignore meaningless exercises in branding and instead focus on the integrity of the clothing itself’.

A bold statement? Perhaps. A bit pseudo-philosophical for an Oi Polloi newsletter? Perhaps.

At this point we should probably point out that Ten c is the brainchild of ex-Stone Island designer Paul Harvey and Allesandro Pungetti, of CP Company / Esemplare fame. Both renowned perfectionists, responsible for a great deal of outstanding clothing in their time, being torchbearers of The Massimo Osti School of Thought.

The jackets themselves are all based around time-honoured outerwear shapes, re-imagined in a velvety Japanese fabric which bears a resemblance to Stone Island’s soft-touch micro-fibre. It’s water-proof, breathable and tough — so tough Bentley use it for soft-top roofs (or so the story goes).

If your looking for an serious outerwear investment — this might just be it.

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