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Fjällräven Numbers

Published: Fri Sep 21 2012

Fjällräven is a brand that should be instantly familiar to any of our regulars, but if you’re a new face, or just need a re-cap, let us run-down why this Swedish brand is one of our favourites. Founded in 1960 by a keen outdoorsman by the name of Åke Nordin, Fjällräven (which roughly translates to ‘arctic fox’ in Swedish), are committed to creating clothing suited to all conditions, whether Swedish wilderness or city street.

As if regular Fjällräven wasn’t good enough, they’ve just launched their new range, going by the name of Fjällräven Numbers. Taking it’s cue from Fjällräven’s old habit of naming each new product after the article number, Fjällräven Numbers is a premium, no-holds-barred range from the wilderness specialists. The ‘buzz-word’ with Numbers is sustainability, every small detail has been considered to make sure it’s tough, functional and, should the impossible happen, is easy to repair. After all, no one wants a bust zip when they’re being chewed on by a polar bear.

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