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30 Years of Stone Island

Published: Tue Sep 11 2012

Instead of settling for a heavy night on the sauce or a slap-up meal, Stone Island are celebrating their 30th birthday doing what they do best — making some of the most delectable technical garb around.

The Stone Island Anniversary 30/30 Jacket celebrates 30 years of forward thinking design by Massimo Osti, Paul Harvey and Carlo Rivetti’s design team and utilizes pretty much every Stone Island innovation into one easy-to-wear garment. With two double-sided layers, reversible cuffs and a massive shape-shifting hood, this unbelievable feat of engineering can be worn in thirty different ways — all thanks to the Stone Island rope system (apparently inspired by a pair of military gaiters).

The outside layer is made of what Stone Island like to call Raso Gommato — whilst this may sound like a pasta sauce, it is in fact rubberised cotton satin with a polyurethane coating which is both waterproof and windproof. On the other side of this is what’s known as Mussola Prismatica — a super glossy water resistant polyurethane coated cotton. The internal jacket is down-filled, and combines two infamous Stone Island master-strokes — not only does it change colour at different temperatures (thanks to the heat-sensitive finish first seen on the Ice jackets), but it’s also highly reflective thanks to a coating of thousands of ‘glass microspheres’.

As well as the 30/30, Stone Island have taken a trip down memory lane to one of the jackets that started it all — the Tela Stella Jacket. An exact replica of one of the jackets in the original Stone Island line way back in ’82 (apart from the anniversary badge), the Anniversary Tella Stella is a real thing of beauty. Made from the thick cotton cloth Massimo Osti was inspired to create after being awestruck by the tarpaulin on the back of a truck, not only does it look amazing, but thanks to a resin coating, it’s windproof as well. Stone Island even managed to hunt down the button manufacturer that Osti used on the original Tela Stella, and let’s just say they’re some damn fine buttons…

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