Oi Polloi

The Oi Polloi British Buffet

Published: Fri Aug 31 2012

Polish off that chip barm, put down that can of dandelion and burdock and listen up. In a break from our usual exotic wares, this week we’ve got a smattering of brands conceived right here on English soil.

Kicking things off we’ve got M.H.L. by Margaret Howell. Did you know that during the making of that feel-good romp — The Shining, Jack Nicholson was so enamoured with his Margaret Howell jacket that he insisted that his character, Jack Torrance wore one in the film? This led to ol’ Stanley ‘pushover’ Kubrick ordering eleven of them for the film. So if you’re spending your winter holed up in the Overlook Hotel and need a sturdy wardrobe of garments, take a leaf out of Jack’s blood-splattered book and look no further than MHL.

When us Brits aren’t zipping around in London buses, high-fiving Michael Caine and supping tea with the Queen, we’re whinging about the weather. But you know what? Since we started stocking Fox Umbrellas, weather-based-whinging is down by around 67%. Fox have been keeping people dry since 1868, and operating from their factory in Croydon, they’re still doing a good job of it today. You know those days when it’s too warm for a jacket but it’s still raining cats and dogs (and foxes)? Well that’s when a Fox Umbrella comes in mighty handy.

Another esteemed name in English tailoring is Oliver Spencer. We were singing his praises not long ago so we’ll keep this brief — New Oliver Spencer Online Now, why not buy it all?

Polishing off our buffet off nicely is Proper Magazine #12, printed only a metaphorical stone’s throw away in Salford. With articles on ‘hikerdelia’, interviews galore and a hefty dose of patter and schmutter, this is a must-have for anyone who can read. In fact, even if you can’t read you can always look at the pictures.

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